ClearLock 2.0

We have listened to your feedback and we implemented many of the features you requested. Today we’re releasing ClearLock 2.0. It is an important update that, among many bug fixes and corrections under the hood, brings three main features: longer lock times, lock session scheduling and a QuickStart widget. Scheduling and QuickStart are only available to PRO users.

Longer lock times

It will be now possible to select lock times of up to twelve hours. This should cover a much greater variety of use-cases and situations. You can lock distracting apps for the whole duration of classes or a nine-to-five work day.

Lock session scheduling

Do you use ClearLock to block distracting apps every day at the same time? Or are you planning to focus on an important task every afternoon? Now you can schedule lock session in advance. This new feature saves you time and especially prevents you from procrastinating and putting off your tasks.

QuickStart widget

Sometimes you just want to focus right where you are, with no tweaking or anything that puts off your start. For this reason, we have introduced the QuickStart widget. Directly from the home screen, tap it and the lock session begins. It automatically uses the same time length as the previous lock session, so you don’t have to set anything, just start working.

What do you think, are you going to use these new features? Is there some other features you would like to see? Don’t ¬†hesitate to mail us your suggestions at